Tidings of Joy

Casting into Mystery is a fine book by Robert Reid is a celebration of the meditative sport of fly fishing as well as the camaraderie and quietude to be found not only in the gentle flow of river currents, but also in the community and culture of anglers past and present.

The author’s words as well as the artful wood engravings by Wesley W. Bates provide a glimpse into a sporting culture rife with literature, art, music and bamboo. The book even features a few chapters about the author’s Sweetgrass rod.

Although I did a review of this book in our newsletter this past spring, the quality presentation of this book is well worth one more mention as a consideration for Christmas.

— Review written by Jerry Kustich, acclaimed angling writer & co-founder of Sweetgrass Rods, formerly located in Twin Bridges and now in Butte, Montana. Read the actual review in the December 2020 Sweetgrass Newsletter.

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