Casting added to the bookcase

Casting into Mystery (signed by both author and engraver) is now available online through An Angler’s Bookcase, one of America’s premiere online angling booksellers.

Started in 2001 and operated by Craig and Catherine Douglass, the online angling bookseller’s inventory exceeds 3,100 titles, including signed first printings, rare limited editions and other collectible angling books–both new and used. Anglers seeking books that are not in stock are invited to fill out a search form and Craig or Catherine will prospect their off-line inventory, other bookstores and various book-search services.

Over the years Craig, an avid fly angler, graduated from an occasional reader, to an amateur collector, to trading with other collectors before going ‘national’ with An Angler’s Bookcase.

Catherine is newer to the sport of angling; however, her MA in literature combined with a voracious appetite for reading makes her the ideal ‘literary conscience’ to ensure that the books offered by An Angler’s Bookcase reflect a high quality of reading.

Recently relocated to Colorado from New Mexico, the objectives of An Angler’s Bookcase, will strike chords with literary anglers and armchair anglers alike:

The mission of An Anglers Bookcase is to provide quality, collectible literature to the fly fishing enthusiast, at prices that will continue to support an enthusiasm for our sport and its prose. In addition, we hope to provide an informative site for those who are either looking for a good book on the subject, or looking for added information about a particular book.

The bookseller attempts to get titles signed whenever possible. It does not routinely carry how-to/where-to guides books.

Check out the website at An Angler’s Bookcase.

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