Casting an Appreciative Line

These days there are several new angling writers worth reading, and I have always enjoyed books that have vicariously taken me on fishing trips of the mind, trips I will never have the opportunity to take. Last year it was my privilege to write a blurb for a wonderful book by Canadian writer Robert Reid to be released in early 2020 entitled Casting into Mystery. A longtime journalist, the author is not only an accomplished writer, his words transform Casting into Mystery into an enlightened spiritual journey exploring the essence of the outdoor experience through the soul of a fly angler.

The book weaves the author’s in-depth perspective on how fly fishing impacts his life with insights and quotes from naturalists, philosophers, poets, songwriters and other angling authors about fishing and the natural world. Reid also delves into the spiritual realm of nature including the Celtic Way, which is reflective of his own Scottish heritage. While paying homage to the past, his stories and essays are a wonderful blend of angling literature, nature art, historical perspective, philosophical musings, love of bamboo and abiding friendship with a unique literary expression of reverence for the mysteries of nature, particularly as it pertains to the contemplative pursuit of angling with a fly.

For those who believe fly fishing is as much about introspection as it is about catching fish, Reid’s work is not only thoughtful, his stories are an inspiring trip into nature and the mysteries we all encounter there. Accented by the beautifully crafted visual art of accomplished wood engraver Wesley W. Bates, Casting into Mystery is destined to become a classic in the enduring tradition of fly fishing literature.

— Review written by Jerry Kustich, angling writer & co-founder of Sweetgrass Rods, formerly located in Twin Bridges, now in Butte, Montana. Read the actual review in the May 2020 Sweetgrass Newsletter

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