Ontario Spring Healing

Robert Reid is pleased to announce that an essay of his has been published for the first time in a prominent American fly angling magazine.

The essay, ‘Ontario Spring Healing,’ appears in the Spring 2021 issue of Flyfishing & Tying Journal.

‘I’m delighted FFTJ agreed to publish one of my essays,’ Reid said. ‘While I had some articles on fly fishing published when I was a newspaper reporter, this is the first time I have had an essay placed in a sporting magazine. I’m doubly delighted that the journal is so highly respected.’

Reid wrote the essay following publication of Casting in February 2020. Published by Porcupine’s Quill, the angling memoir incorporates images by celebrated wood engraver Wesley W. Bates. The book has won two silver medals in international literary awards.

The essay chronicles a season of fly fishing for wild brook trout in southwestern Ontario headwaters during the COVID19 pandemic. The essay includes a couple of Wesley’s engravings.

On the strength of his engravings in Casting, Wesley was commissioned to do the engravings for John Maclean’s Home Waters. Published by Custom House and subtitled A Chronicle of Family and a River, the eagerly anticipated memoir is about his father Norman, the author of A River Runs Through It, and fly fishing the rivers of Montana including the Blackfoot.

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